You are a Hero in my eyes.

You are heroic, because you have decided to start your business, whether that is right now or quite a few years ago. You and I both know that this EPIC decision has radically altered your life.

And that is what the Hero’s journey is all about. You have become the Captain of your ship. You have used the power of your greatest weapons intention + action. To begin to create a happier life. If you have ever been an employee before starting your business you will be familiar with the feeling of stepping into the abyss. Where you are taking a chance on your dreams, your ambitions and the whole concept that breaking free from wage slavery can deliver the promised result of financial freedom and independence. Am I right?

S ocial Rose

celebrates this spark in you. We help you gain back time freedom. Help you focus on the next steps so that you can begin to enjoy the independence you have achieved thus far. Take it to another level by providing needed support.


We honor the fact that you have managed to separate yourself from the mindset of a great deal of people in this world. Blaming the economy, their boss, the competition…so many circumstances to slip back into victimhood, to remain small and ineffective. Not YOU! No, you have chosen the Hero’s path. You have created opportunity from crisis. You have overcome your own fears and obstacles that stand in front of all of us in a moment when a decision is important. You have taken back your power, regardless that schools and the education system is not set up to create entrepreneurs.

That teachers, parents and friends though well meaning give quite a negative feedback when all we need from time to time, is simply grit and determination. Focus and persistence. For how many people who are so, so, so close to freedom give up. Turn back from the abyss and never realize that extraordinary success.

I believe you are here, reading this for a reason.

This is the call, the mentor is right here, ready to help you take that next step. Encourage you. Be there for you when others might doubt. Tell you the truth…tell it as it is. So you can move forward.

We believe that every business leader, that’s you whether Leader is written on your business card or not. You are called to innovate, to complete, to compete with market forces and this is the opportunity you are called here for.

No matter what has happened in the last quarter, or year.

You can begin right now to set the rigging’s on your ship to catch the wind and sail into more exciting waters.

  • Need help raising your prices?
  • Need help gathering your audience?
  • Want to become known for your expertise?
  • Need to get to the first page on Google?
  • Want to appear on Maps in the Snack Pack?
  • Does your SEO Suck?
  • Don’t have an opt-in which is universally desired by your perfect client?
  • Don’t even know who she is?!

It’s OK.

Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours.

Les Brown

Next step is to simply fill out this form and set up a time to go over what’s missing from your Business, define where you are and where you want to go. Then we start doing some of the heavy lifting to help you get there.

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