What if we treat our Business like Art?

Starting out in business, I sometimes had the same feeling like I had when beginning a painting, when the canvas I  just painted is not quite what I intended.Perhaps you know what that’s like with your business, when it isn’t yet the masterpiece that you really wanted for yourself.

Business is my art.
Robert Marcus
CEO, Alumax, Inc.


Mastery takes time, which is a beautiful thing. The fact that you have been heroic, starting this thing, your business idea and running with the flames of your wildest desires into the world is proof of how brave you are. Your BIG dream, going after it. You are ahead of the rest, the 99.9% of people out there, purposefully ignoring and distracting themselves from what they deep down most desire.

A lot of people I meet in person talk about wanting more for themselves. Dreams and ambitions which end up buried in maybe/sometime-ville. @SocialRose we honor your commitment.

It is important for you to take that commitment and learn the skills which are required to fulfil the dreams you have. The ultimate destination. Success.

In order to build your business from the foundation up you might need to give this opportunity your laser focus and give up those things which distract you. In order to achieve those goals that live inside the dream business you have been working towards and wear the accomplishments which are the intrinsic rewards for your self-discipline and a couple of comfort zone items you need to give up right now.

Would you like to achieve your goals?
Are you willing to make some changes?

Can you begin to start moving from your comfort zone and into your 10X Self?
Do you know which of your distractions is costing you this rare success?

If you are brave let’s get busy right now.

Write a list of the ways that you use distractions to avoid success.
Write them down, and email them to me right now. Make this a part of your commitment to doing what it takes to achieve success.






If you are committed to your success you will change in the necessary ways in order to make your business thrive. You will become who you need to be as a leader, communicator, marketer and administrator as well as wearing several other hats in order to create that masterpiece.

Make your Life and business a work of Art!

The highest artform is really business. It is an extremely creativeform
and can be more creative than all the things we classically think of as
creative. In business, the tools with which you’re working are dynamic:
capital and people and markets and ideas. (These tools) all have lives of
their own. So to take those things and to work with them and reorganize
them in new and different ways turns out to be a very creative process.
Wayne Van Dyck

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